Keep passenger safety first with our custom designed optimized antenna system for PTC.

STI-CO designs our commuter rail antennas and filters for your most challenging roof tops. Serving many of the commuter rails across the United States and around the world, our rugged, multi-band solutions have a proven history of success. A streamlined single penetration solution allows for easy installation. Our experienced engineers optimize communication efficiency to by analyzing the RF environment. Our long-lasting antenna solutions are ideal for your metro/commuter/high speed passenger trains.

Multi-band solutions are available in 220 MHz for PTC, VHF, UHF, 7-800, 900, GPS and WiFi. STI-CO can provide color-coded antenna feed cables for ease of installation and maintenance. Look to STI-CO as your complete resource for antenna and communication solutions. We are proud to be a certified DBE and Buy America compliant.