STI-CO® custom designs and manufactures robust antenna systems that continue to work the best and last the longest.

Government Sales:

Our Government customers can purchase STI-CO® covert and public safety antennas directly from our factory through You can also contact us directly by the toll free at 866.307.8426 or by clicking the link below. Please mention our GSA Contract number to take advantage of special GSA discounts.


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STI-CO Dealers:

Please feel free to contact one of STI-CO Authorized Dealers in your area. Purchasing product through a STI-CO Authorized Dealer guarantees the correct product and the 5 year warranty. Click Below for a complete Authorized Dealer listing by State.


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STI-CO Distributors:

We offer customized antenna solutions to match your localized frequency needs. If you would like to purchase a STICO Antenna Solution through an Authorized Distributor, please click International or US Distributor listing below.


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STI-CO Product Catalog:


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