PTC Dual Track Antenna Systems

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STI-CO® Low Profile Rail & Transit Antennas

Customized Antenna Array for Railroads *Contact Sti-co for accurate Pricing

  • Fully integrated, customized multi-antenna diversity system for PTC
  • Antenna Combinations for VHF to 5.8 GHz and GPS
  • Customized for mulitple antennas per track
  • System includes single or dual antenna bars for full diversity
  • Reduces installation time and expense with only one hole in locomotive per
  • Antennas can be individually replaced for future upgrades with very little downtime
  • Manufactured using highest quality corrosion resistant materials
  • Proudly designed & manufactured in the U.S.A. Every STI-CO® antenna is backed by our 5 year warranty

Options included:

  • Radome to protect antennas from snow pack and strike damage
  • Customized color-coded cable harnesses
  • Full line of filters in 160, 220, 450 and 7-800 MHz ranges to reduce intermodulation issues

Model Number

  • HDLP-MB-PLLG25-***
  • Contact Sti-co for details Contact Sti-co for details