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​The Evolution of Discone Antennas: A New Era in Tactical Communication

Posted by STI-CO® ANTENNA SOLUTIONS on 22nd Feb 2024

When it comes to military operations and disaster preparedness, reliable communication is not just a necessity—it's a lifeline. Agencies in these fields often face challenges in setting up eff … read more

Custom Antenna Solutions for Unique Challenges

Posted by STI-CO® ANTENNA SOLUTIONS on 21st Dec 2023

In a world where communication is more critical than ever, especially in emergency response and public safety, the challenges of creating effective, reliable solutions are paramount. At STI-CO, we und … read more

Covert Applications for Shark Fin Antennas

Posted by STI-CO® ANTENNA SOLUTIONS on 6th Dec 2023

In the high-stakes world of law enforcement, public safety, and government operations, the challenges you face in maintaining secure, discreet, and reliable communication are immense.You operate in en … read more

US Manufacturing Leaders' Global Success Secrets

Posted by STI-CO® Antenna Solutions on 26th Oct 2023

Full Transcription: Damon Pistulka 00:00All music always gets you going doesn’t occur.Curt Anderson 00:06Man up dude, I was fired up way before the music button. Yeah, well,Damon Pistulka 00:09it … read more

Understanding Communication Challenges in Public Safety Agencies

Posted by STI-CO® Antenna Solutions on 20th Oct 2023

Have you ever been in the field and felt the weight of a communication breakdown during a critical operation?The world of public safety communication is fraught with challenges, from interoperability … read more