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STI-CO Terms & Conditions 

Your purchases from STI-CO Industries, Inc. (STI-CO) are made subject to the following Terms and Conditions. Please review carefully before placing your

order. STI-CO’s Terms and Conditions are subject to change. By purchasing from STI-CO, you, the “Buyer”, agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions in

effect at the time you place your order. We object in advance to any additional or different terms you may propose, whether contained in a purchase order or

in any other document or communication and regardless of whether such additional or different terms would materially alter our Terms and Conditions. Your

submission of a purchase order or other authorization for products or services, or your allowing us to ship products or commence work, will constitute your

acceptance of all our Terms and Conditions, except to the extent specifically consented to by an authorized representative of STI-CO and confirmed in writing.

STI-CO reserves the right to change specifications and design of its products without prior notice to Buyer or others on behalf of buyer.

Shipments: Shipments are made via best method as determined by STI-CO unless otherwise specified. Shipping and handling charges are added to invoices. Air freight may be used if specified and paid by the Buyer. Buyer's preference in routing will be used if possible.

Returns: A returned materials authorization number (RMA) must be obtained from STI-CO before returning any product. This authorization is valid for 45 days. Not all products are returnable. Non-returnable products include those that have been tuned to a specific frequency. All others are subject to a restocking charge. For more information, contact customer service. STI-CO will not authorize a return of non-defective products that is made more than 60 days after shipping from the factory, subject to the following:

• Product must be in original condition, original product packaging,

uncut, unmodified, and unused.

• Product must be returned within 45 days following receipt of RMA,

prepaid through a traceable carrier (e.g. UPS or FedEx).

• To receive credit, all components must be returned.

• Credit will be issued for purchase price, excluding shipping and

handling charges.

• For defective products, see STI-CO warranty.

• Items not in compliance with our return policy will be returned to

you at your expense.


Pricing & Terms: Prices listed are F.O.B., STI-CO factory in Orchard Park, NY and are subject to change without notice. Other pricing as may be quoted must be in writing and signed by an authorized representative of STI-CO to be valid. Prices do not include federal, state, local sales or excise taxes which, where appropriate, will be added by us.

Terms are net thirty days from date of invoice, to approved credit.

All payments must be made in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. or Canadian banks, unless alternate arrangements have been approved by STI-CO. For payment terms other than net 30, additional fees may

apply. All amounts unpaid over 30 days are subject to 1.5% monthly charge (18% APR). If credit has not been pre-approved, an order may either be

pre-paid or paid by credit card. Credit card payment or bank wire transfer will be accepted if made at time of order or prior to shipment for orders without credit approval.

STI-CO may require a deposit or progress payment on large orders or orders for custom designed products. If Buyer is located outside the United States or Canada, payment must be made by wire transfer prior to shipment. Should STI-CO be required to retain a collection agency or attorney to enforce any of your obligations to STI-CO, you agree to pay all STI-CO costs and expenses associated with such enforcement, including all collection, attorney, and litigation fees and costs.


Cancellation & Changes: Cancellations or changes in orders by the Buyer within 10 days of scheduled shipping date are accepted only upon terms that protect STI-CO against loss and, at the sole option of STI-CO, may be handled under the same terms as returns.


Duty: When customs duties are required, the payment of all such duties will be exclusively Buyer's responsibility. At the time of your order, you will receive the total cost according to the price prevailing at time the order was placed, except for handling, delivery and duty costs.


Claims: Buyer must make claims for damage or loss occurring while products are in transit with the carrier. Claims for shortages must be made


Delivery Schedule: Buyer's order will be delivered on time, configured and complete. We will make every effort to ship in accordance with a delivery option you may have selected. Delivery dates may be affected by our late receipt from Buyer of all necessary information to ship or other causes beyond our reasonable control. In any and all events, STI-CO is not liable to Buyer for any loss of time, material, or production or any other loss resulting from late delivery.

We cannot guarantee on-time delivery for orders involving drop shipment, third-party billing, customer pickups, shipments made outside the continental U.S., unauthorized transportation carriers,

extreme weather conditions, or any other force majeure. Please inspect products immediately upon receipt and notify STI-CO of any damage or shortage the same day.

Choice of Law, Forum Selection:

STI-CO controls and operates its business from its offices at Orchard Park, New York, USA. Consequently, any questions relating to these Terms and

Conditions or their application in any particular situation will be governed by the laws of the United States and the State of New York (without regard to any

provision that would result in the application of the laws of any other state or jurisdiction). Any legal or equitable action or whatever nature brought by you

against STI-CO arising out of or related in any respect to these Terms and Conditions or your purchases or other dealings with STI-CO® shall be brought

solely in either the United States District Court for the Western District of New York located in Buffalo, New York, USA or the appropriate court of the State of

New York located in the jurisdiction where STI- CO® has its principal place of business.



If any provision of STI-CO's Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions will remain in full force and effect.



Buyer shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless STI-CO Industries, Inc., its officers, directors, agents and employees, from and against all liability, fines, suits

claims, demands, actions, costs and expenses of any kind or nature arising (1) by reason of injury to persons or damages to property caused by any act or omission

on the part of the Buyer, its agents, employees, invitees and contractors or (2) from any breach by Buyer of any obligation hereunder.


The Principal place of business of STI-CO®:

The contact data for STI-CO® is:

STI-CO Industries, Inc.

15 Cobham Drive, Orchard Park, NY 14127-4187

Phone (866) 307-8426 Fax (800) 685-1122