PTC Dual Track Antenna System

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PTC Dual Track Antennan System

Customized Antenna Array For Railroads

  • Fully integrated, customized multi-antenna diversity system for PTC
  • Antenna Combinations for VHF to 5.8 GHz and GPS
  • Customized for mulitple antennas per track
  • System includes single or dual antenna bars for full diversity
  • Reduces installation time and expense with only one hole in locomotive per
  • Antennas can be individually replaced for future upgrades with very little downtime
  • Manufactured using highest quality corrosion resistant materials

Options include:

  • Radome to protect antennas from snow pack and strike damage
  • Customized color-coded cable harnesses
  • Full line of filters in 160, 220, 450 and 7-800 MHz ranges to reduce intermodulation issues

Introducing our PTC Dual Track Antenna System, a fully integrated and customized solution designed specifically for railroads implementing Positive Train Control. With this advanced antenna system, you can ensure reliable and efficient communication throughout your rail network, enhancing safety and operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Diversity Coverage: Our PTC Dual Track Antenna System offers a wide range of antenna combinations, covering frequencies from VHF to 5.8 GHz and including GPS. This allows for comprehensive diversity coverage, ensuring reliable communication across various frequency bands. Customize the system based on your specific requirements and operating environment.

Streamlined Installation and Upgradability: Installing our PTC Dual Track Antenna System is both time and cost-effective. With only one hole required in the locomotive, installation time and expense are significantly reduced. Additionally, the individual antennas within the system can be easily replaced for future upgrades, minimizing downtime and ensuring compatibility with evolving technologies.

Durable and Reliable Construction: We prioritize quality and longevity in our antenna systems. The PTC Dual Track Antenna System is manufactured using the highest quality corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring durability and reliable performance even in challenging operating conditions. Count on our system to provide consistent and uninterrupted communication throughout your rail network.

Upgrade Your Railroad Communication: Upgrade your railroad communication with our PTC Dual Track Antenna System. Experience fully integrated and customized multi-antenna diversity, providing reliable and efficient communication for your Positive Train Control implementation. Enhance safety, streamline operations, and improve overall network performance with our reliable and durable antenna solution.

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