It Matters When Antennas are American Made

Posted by STI-CO® Antenna Solutions on 25th May 2023

According to the 2022 national factsheet by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), manufacturers in the United States account for 10.70% of the total output in the country, employing 8.41% of the workforce. Furthermore, according to the 2022 New York State report from NAM, the state had an average of 419,000 manufacturing employees.

Consequently, the manufacturing sector significantly contributes to the U.S. economy. So what does this have to do with antennas? 

STI-CO® proudly produces American-Made antennas for many reasons. In this article, we will briefly define the term American-Made. 

We will discuss the top five reasons you should choose American-Made quality for your next antenna purchase, including product sourcing, turnaround times, product quality, frequency concerns, and employee retention in the United States.

What Does American-Made Mean?

Companies that manufacture American-Made products ensure that 80% of their materials, labor, and costs are sourced, built, and purchased in the United States. 

American-Made products like this must comply with higher quality-assurance standards and regulations than imported goods. These antennas are particularly useful in government, safety, transportation, and first-responder industries, where equipment failure is often not an option.

STI-CO® engineers believe antennas should be durable enough that customers do not have to think about or constantly maintain them after installing them on a vehicle. 

The antennas should operate well even after being used in the field under real-life conditions.

At STI-CO®, real-life applications matter, and we constantly strive to find innovative solutions to complex communication concerns. 

We can produce high-quality antennas because of where and with whom we work, from our clients to our employees to vendors and everyone in between; quality counts. 

That’s one important reason we believe American-made products should matter to you. Here are five more reasons, in case we haven’t convinced you yet.

Top 5 Reasons To Purchase America-Made Antennas:

When purchasing Tri-band antennas, customers should keep in mind the following key reasons to choose American-Made antenna systems:

Reason #1: Locally-Sourced Materials

Locally-sourced materials are beneficial for the environment. 

They help to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing. 

Locally-sourced materials spend less time in transit and, consequently, have a reduced carbon-emission footprint than products imported to the United States.

Reason #2: Faster Turnaround Times

American-Made antennas feature a faster turnaround time than their imported counterparts because they spend less time getting to where they need to go. 

Manufacturers can work faster by obtaining materials closer to home, promptly providing manufacturers with what they need results in faster production of products. 

Consequently, your triband antenna product will get to you faster than when compared to similar imported products.

Reason #3: Higher Quality than Overseas Products

Turnaround times are just one quality-service measurement but don’t forget the quality of the actual product. 

The truth is that overseas manufacturing standards (quality control) are often less rigorous than those in the United States. Manufacturers of American-Made antennas often have close relationships with their suppliers. 

These relationships help manufacturers ensure that the materials they are using meet their quality standards, which in turn, helps to reduce the number of defects in finished products.

Reason #4: Frequencies

Did you know that the frequencies used in other countries differ from those used in the United States? Different countries have different regulatory bodies that oversee the use of radio frequencies. 

When you purchase antennas from a company that builds American-Made products, you may be saving yourself an additional step of trying to reconfigure complex frequency guidance. 

STI-CO® manufactures antennas for use in the United States.

Reason #5: Jobs Remain in the United States

Speaking of the United States, this final reason remains closest to the heart of STI-CO®. 

American manufacturing creates millions of jobs in the United States, and you can help keep those jobs here by buying American-Made products. 

Buying American-Made products supports American businesses and workers.

Every supplier, vendor, contractor, and customer (large and small) strengthen our nation. They keep it running; they keep it safe, which may be the most practical reason of all.


In conclusion, manufacturing continues contributing to the United States economy, but that’s not where it ends.

Manufacturers who commit to the American-Made standard are also committed to the environment, faster turnaround times, high-quality products, easy-to-use products, and their local economies.

STI-CO® has over 50 years of industry experience and manufactures mission-critical communication systems to keep you and your team connected when it counts.

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