Unlock the Power of Using STI-CO® Tri-Band Antennas

Posted by STI-CO® Antenna Solutions on 9th May 2023

Tri-Band antennas, such as those offered by STI-CO®, operate on three distinct frequency bands and are commonly used in communication systems where multiple frequencies need to be transmitted or received simultaneously.

Tri-Band antennas are important in vehicular wireless communication because they allow devices that support multiple radio frequency (RF) bands to access the same router and network.

With strong signals and reliable connections, they even operate well in areas where multiple frequency bands are used by multiple cellular networks.

In this article, we will:

  • Learn what tri-band antennas are and discuss their various advantages.
  • Determine what buyers should look for when importing tri-band antennas.
  • Compare STI-CO® tri-band antennas to their competition.
  • Review what questions buyers should ask when purchasing tri-band antennas

What are Tri-Band Antennas?

STI-CO Tri-Band Antennas

While single and dual-band radio antennas transmit radio signals on one and two frequency bands respectively, Tri-Band antenna systems allow users to operate on three different bands.

These bands encompass frequencies such as VHF, UHF, cellular, GPS, and Wifi.

This greater versatility is useful for military and emergency response applications, where multiple frequency bands are being used by several different agencies.

What are the Advantages of Using Tri-Band Antennas?

Antenna Range

Tri-Band antennas provide an advantage to government and law enforcement agencies that need covert OEM AM/FM exact replacement and concealed/disguised solutions.

Advances in technology have allowed these roof-mounted antennas to be both small and single port/input.

Their couplers and combiners have been eliminated to split out frequencies to individual ports.

Additional key advantages that Tri-Band antennas offer include:

  • Greater frequency range
  • Reduced interference
  • Improved signal quality
  • Efficient size
  • Cost Savings (by eliminating the need for multiple antennas, Tri-Bands can reduce installation and maintenance costs) 

What Characteristics Should Buyers Be Cautious of When Evaluating Imported Tri-Band Antennas?

Characteristics of Lower Quality Overseas Antenna Products

Customers purchasing imported Tri-Band antennas should be cautious of three key characteristics: lower-quality products, supply-chain issues, and potential differences in measurement systems.

When purchasing from overseas companies, there is a risk of purchasing a lower-quality product due to potential differences in manufacturing standards, materials used, and quality control processes.

Supply-chain issues such as transportation delays and logistical challenges also continue to be a concern in the manufacturing industry.

In contrast, when products are manufactured in the United States, turnaround times can be greatly reduced versus and provide greater control over the production process. 

Additionally, buyers should be aware that measurement systems might need to be double-checked since frequency ranges used abroad often differ from those used in the U.S.A.

How do STI-CO® Tri-Band Antennas Compare to the Competition?

Impact of American-Made Product Manufacturers

Unlike many of their competitors, STI-CO® products are American-Made. This means that over 80% of the sourcing and manufacturing takes place in the United States. 

As a result, these products are subjected to higher quality assurance standards and regulations compared to their foreign counterparts.

Because of this, STI-CO®’s antennas are likely to be of a higher quality and more reliable, which are essential considerations for government, law enforcement, and first-responder agencies. These agencies cannot afford product failure as it can have disastrous consequences. 

For example, STI-CO® Tri-Band premium antennas feature a rugged, Flexi-Whip™ design that allows them to produce clear, quality, and consistently reliable communications. 

Moreover, American-Made products include support for the local economy, lower environmental impacts leading to more sustainability, faster shipping times, and better customer service.

Aside from custom-made solutions, a significant portion of the antennas sold and installed by STI-CO® are covert

They are integrated into a specific vehicle as an exact replacement for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) antenna system, ensuring user safety in difficult situations. 

OEM installations are a simple and efficient way to obtain a high-quality, durable antenna for almost any vehicle.

In a world where most technology is designed to fail, STI-CO® manufactures antennas that are built to last. 

Customers can rely on the fact that STI-CO® antenna systems are made in America and typically have the most cost-effective life cycle costs in the industry.

What Questions Should Buyers Be Asking When Purchasing Tri-Band Antennas?

According to one of STI-CO®’s experienced engineers, when purchasing antennas, buyers should aim to get the most value for their money.

For example, even if a customer only needs dual-band frequency capabilities (such as VHF and Cellular), tri-band antenna systems can still perform effectively and allow the customer flexibility for future needs.

The same engineer also emphasizes that customers should purchase a tri-band antenna even if their current needs only require two bands.

The way technology changes, they may end up utilizing a third band before they know it.

Additional questions to ask when purchasing Tri-Band Antennas include:

  • Will the product work for the conditions the vehicle will be operating in?
  • What is the antenna system’s price and lead time?
  • What frequency or frequencies is the antenna system capable of operating on? 


STI-CO® has more than 50 years of industry experience and provides a broad range of Tri-Band antennas that allow customers to operate on multiple frequency bands concurrently. 

This feature is especially valuable to government agencies, transit companies, and the military, allowing multiple organizations to communicate with each other quickly, reliably, and efficiently.

STI-CO® Tri-Band Antennas offer several key benefits over competitors’ products, including their “American-Made” production, producing a quality product that stands up to real-world usage is our top priority. 

We know this country depends on the support of the military and law enforcement. We strive to ensure their missions aren’t interrupted by an antenna concern. 

STI-CO® also employs the American/Imperial measuring system, ensuring its systems function on the correct frequencies and are more compatible. Additionally, STI-CO® offers superior and dependable product support.

For questions about STI-CO® antenna solutions or products, or for help installing or using them, please contact STI-CO® Support at 866-307-8426, email sales@sti-co.com, or visit www.sti-co.com.